Lights On

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This application turns your iPhone® or iPad® into a flashlight.
You have the option to select a variety of different colors for your light.
Comes in handy for power outages, finding your keys at night, reading in a dark room, concerts, parties, etc.

UPDATE - July 8, 2010 - Version 1.5 update is now available!
What's new!
iOS4 update.

To select a flashlight color:

Press the button for the color light you want to use.

All buttons will clear the screen.

Press the "Show All" button to get the buttons back.

To select another flashlight color:
Press the "Show All" button.
All buttons will return to the screen.
Then select the color light you want.

To create your own flashlight color:

Move the color sliders until the screen is the color you want.

The buttons clear the screen when the sliders are moved.

Press the "Hide All" button to hide the color sliders.

Press the "Show All" button to return the buttons and color sliders to the screen to select another flashlight.

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