Cube Screen Saver

This application is available on the App StoreSM.

Cube Screen Saver is a collection of screen savers for your iPhone®.
There are 29 different screen savers.
With each one, you can change the color of the cubes and the background color.
In screen saver 29, you get your cube to move around the screen when you tilt your iPhone
This app is fun when you're listening to music or podcasts.
Also great at parties and concerts or anytime!
The time stays displayed at the top of screen so you don't have to worry about losing track of time.

Press the button for the screen saver you want to view.
After its screen appears, press the "Start" button to start the screen saver.
The "Cubes" button and "Background" button will appear then.
To change the color of the cubes, press the "Cubes" button and then press the button for the color you want.
Press the "Back" button to return to the screen saver.
To change the background color, press the "Background" button.
Move the color sliders to create your background color.
Press the "Back" button to return to the screen saver.

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