Block Recycle

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Welcome to Block Recycle!

The goal of the game is to remove the blocks to recycle them from each level.
Tilt your iPhone
® to move the ball around the screen.
Recycle the blocks by rolling the ball over them.
Only one color can be recycled at a time.
Roll through a recycling center to change which color is removed. The color you can recycle is displayed.
If you roll through a radioactive area, the level restarts!
There are 78 total levels. Each level has 4 game modes. Easy, medium, hard and untimed.
You have 180 seconds to clear the level in easy mode.
You have 120 seconds to clear the level in medium mode.
You have 60 seconds to clear the level in hard mode.
Untimed mode is not timed, so take your time and enjoy the puzzle.

Can you clear the level in time to save the block world?

UPDATE August 26, 2010, Version 3.1 update is available!
What's New...
iOS4 update.

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